Sunday, 6 January 2013

{issue 1} Coffee & Conversation

That's a photograph of me.  And the side of my boob.  With my awesome hair all flowy and did, as compared to how I usually throw it on top of my head.  I'm a pretty private person, but in the spirit of the theme of this post, I'm putting it all out there.  Literally.

(photo credit:  Jaclyn Michele)

In my day job, I meet and spend a lot of time with women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.  I find myself with them during some major life events, and each time, I usually come away amazed by both their inner and outer beauty.  However, some amazing women blow my mind when they tell me they think they're ugly.

Flabby stomachs, arms with wings, big hips, non-existent crows feet, noses that look pretty average to me but "ruin" lives ... The things we nit pick about are insane.

I once asked a gorgeous 55 year old woman what physical feature was her favourite.  This woman was tall, blonde, thin, and looked about 40.  I was convinced she was going to say her legs, since they looked like they belonged to someone in their twenties.  Instead, she told me she hates every part of her body.  Every.  Single.  Part.

Usually when asked this question, we women will usually make a show of saying nothing, and then find something that we actually do adore about ourselves.  I'm sure you've done this at least once in your life, right?

"Ugh, my ass is huge and I have five chins ... buuuuut, if I had to pick something I love, I'd say my hair.  And my tits.  I have really great tits.  "

(That's an actual sentence from my own mouth, FYI)

Although we feel the need to put ourselves down (BAD WOMEN!) first, we still tend to find something we like about our physical selves.  Sad, isn't it?  We'd hate for someone to utter that kind of sentence to us, but we can do it to ourselves every day ("you're gorgeous and funny, buuuuuut you have a big ass.  Wanna get dinner?").  What makes me extra sad though, is instances such as the 55 year old with killer fucking legs - she couldn't name a single thing.  At all.

So, I'm asking you - what's your favourite physical feature?  What do you love most about yourself, physically?  Your tits?  Your eyes?  Something unique, like that fantastically cute gap between your front teeth?   Everything?  There has to be SOMETHING, and I want to know what it is!


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  1. My lips are my favourite physical feature, that and maybe my hair. Got my lips from my Mom - they're probably the only part of her I have and she's a beautiful woman.