Thursday, 14 February 2013

{giveaway) Coffee with me (in mind, that is)

It's Valentine's Day.  

I actually like Valentine's day, single or not.  I don't like how commercialized it is, but I do like it as a great reminder to tell those around you how much they're loved.  Not just significant others, but friends, family members - it's a great day to call someone you miss just to say hi.  

So, because it's Valentine's Day and I've been drinking, I'm doing a mini giveaway!  Leave me a comment here and tell me your favourite love story, and you could win a coffee date with me.  Well, maybe not so much WITH me, but a $15 Starbucks card so you can get a coffee (or take someone out for one!) and think about me.  That's almost the same thing, right?

I want to hear what you think is the best love story of all time, and why.  It can be a book, a movie, or even real life inspiration.   The Princess Bride?  The Bodyguard?  Warm Bodies?  Will & Kate?  Your parents?  The dogs that saved your sanity after a horrible divorce?

Clearly the last suggestion is from my own life.  

Giveaway open to anyone, everywhere.  All you have to do is comment here.  Giveaway ends February 28 at midnight PST, and winner will be chosen by random.


  1. I really don't think I can pick just one, but I'm attracted to love stories where things run particularly unsmoothly. Captain Corelli's Mandolin springs to mind, as does Gone With the Wind (even though they didn't end up together)... and there's something irresistible about Greyfriars Bobby, too.

  2. high fidelity


  3. So many great love stories, so little time… I think I'd have to go with the Time Traveller's Wife - it's a couple destined to be together, although not in the order they might have wanted. Love that book.

    Thanks for the entry!