Saturday, 21 January 2012

Coffee and Conversation - I used to be ..

Once upon a time, when I was in about Grade 6 (sixth grade, for you Americans reading this), our teacher gave us a writing/journaling task to do.  He wrote it on the board, and then has us write in our journals, filling in the blank and explaining it.

I freakin' loved it.  I got to work right away, writing a super serious answer and pouring my heart into it.

Then, we had to read it out loud, and my heart froze in my chest - I was way too shy for that kind of crap.  Not only that, but the people that were taking their turns before me weren't even taking it seriously.  I was crushed!  When it was finally my turn, I glanced at what the person at the desk beside me wrote, and then said that answer, joining in on the snickers of how lame this exercise was and ignoring the glares from the girl beside me.

Now that I'm 30 and can think for myself, I'd like to do it again.  And I'd like to hear what you guys have to say for it, as well.  Leave your answers in the comments!  I'll go first.

I used to be _______, but I'm not any more.  


  1. I used to be shy, but I'm not anymore.

    I think I woke up one day in my twenties and realized I don't care what people think, generally. Now that I'm in my 30's, even less so. I'm going to make an ass out of myself at times. I'm going to say something stupid or the wrong thing, but who cares? As long as my skirt isn't tucked into my thong, I'll probably survive.

  2. I used to be smart, but I'm not any more.

    Or at least, I used to think I was smart, until I moved to a foreign country and became the village idiot (or feel like it on my worst days). Nothing like being in a different culture to make you question everything you thought you knew about yourself.

  3. I used to be so... carefee (is the only word I can find) but now I'm not. The type of girl who tells people 'I dare you *insert ridiculous thing here*' and then go do the dare myself. I was always the one to go up to stranger guys and get their numbers for my friends because I wasn't shy about it. The person to ask ridiculous things, the person up to do anything no matter how legal or illegal. I don't know what happened but now I'm in my little bubble. New Years eve though I was in NYC times square and I was hanging out with these 2 girls who I met. Come near midnight and one of the girls was saying how this cute guy has been looking at her all day (we were standing in times square for 12 hours!) so I marched up to him, asked him if he had a girlfriend and where he was from (Germany *sigh*) and went back to the girl and told her she was free to kiss him at midnight (to bad I didn't ask him if he was gay or straigh. He was lip locking with his BOYFRIEND come midnight xD) when I went back to the hotel, I was like 'hah I really miss just doing crazy random things like that and not giving a crap!' hopefully I can regain that carefree-ness, it's not like I lost is since I did that stunt during new years but it's just.. hiding.

    what would your answer be?

    Racquel @ The Book Barbies♥
    -thank you&come again.

  4. I used to be...a submissive follower. That sounds worse, and far weaker, than is the case. That being said, it was true. I knew who I wanted to be but I was much to afraid of what others thought, and much to afraid to try and fail, to follow through. It was much easier to rely on other people, stronger people. Then my life changed in a big way and I found myself with no choice but to suck it up, be strong, and do it on my own. I survived with flying colours. I'm now an excellent independent decision maker, and will follow the herd if I fancy the path, and give it the finger and follow my own winding road if it better suits. :)