Saturday, 14 January 2012

What's Next? The First Days by Rhiannon Frater

The First Days
by Rhiannon Frater

The Semi-BFF (Semi because I share joint custody of her BFF status with someone across the pond) and I are kind of an odd pair - we talk about the world ending a lot.  Not in the emo, depressing way, but what we would do if the zombies attacked (um, which when you read it out loud, does sound a little emo & depressing).  We're open to the idea of the world ending in ways that don't involve zombies, but that's the one we always come back to.

A lot of women meet for lunch and cocktails with their nails done and hair did, looking good with the blush of friendship and alcohol, and talk about .. well, I'm not sure what they talk about, to be honest, but it's probably not zombies.  And if it is, I need to start introducing myself to more of these women.  Because that's what Semi-BFF and I spend our lunches doing - talking about Zombies and What We Would Do If The World As We Know Went To Hell.

Please note - we are not as hardcore as this chick on Anderson Cooper:

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Seriously.  I'm just going to let you digest that video for a moment, and then reiterate that we?  Are not that hardcore (She probably shouldn't have used her real name, because if the zombies DO attack, I bet she's going to have a lot of people knocking on her door, amiright?).

So when Semi-BFF told me that she found a zombie series written from the female perspective and that it was AMAZINGAWESOMEREADITRIGHTNOW, she piqued my interest.  As soon as I saw her next, she passed the book into my hands and demanded I read it ASAP.

Will it be as good as promised?

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