Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What's Next? The Passage by Justin Cronin

I picked this book up last summer, right after my marriage ended.  I wonder if it's a coincidence that my interest in Post Apocalyptic books became almost an obsession around the same time I had to move to a cabin in the woods because I caught my husband cheating?  

This book sat on my lovely little book shelf, waiting patiently while I wailed and sobbed and spilled drinks on the floor for 7 months while I "healed" (if that's not the loosest term I'll ever use, I don't know what is) my broken heart and deflated pride, never judging, just waiting for the time when I would be ready to take on this 766 page monstrosity.  

The time has come.  I'll post a full review next week, but I'll leave you with these two words to sum up my experience of this book:

Mind. Fuck.

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