Friday, 2 March 2012

Review - See You At The Show by Michelle Betham

See You At The Show
Michelle Betham
Published August 2011
Oh, how I needed this book.  I needed a kick ass character like Stevie Stone.  I needed a love triangle (love square may be more appropriate in this situation, really) full of drama, set in a background of rockstars, bars, and also in the polar opposite political arena. 

It's easy to relate to this book, in many ways - most of us have that one person we're addicted to, even though we know they're bad for us in some (or in all) ways.  That one person who is perfect in all the wrong ways. 

At first glance, and for the first bit, this book seems like it will be all about Stevie and her addiction to the bad boy lead singer of a popular (aka sexy) rock band.  But no no - no, this book is not just about Stevie, our bad boy lead singer Mark, and the brooding best friend Johnny. 

This book is also about Daniel Madison.  Happily married to the perfect politicians wife, headed straight for the role of Britain's Prime Minister, and a little naive, Daniel Madison.  The instant he and Stevie Stone lock eyes, both their worlds change.  I'm not sure why his character tugged so hard on what little heartstrings I have left, but I fell in love with him the same way Stevie does - hard and fast.

The story that unfolds is dramatically addicting, and although the book ended differently than what I wanted, this light read had my attention from beginning to end. 

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