Saturday, 11 February 2012

Coffee & Conversation

I try really, really hard to read the book before I see the movie. If I've just realized it was a book as the movie was being released (Looking at you, Stephanie Plum!), I'll usually force myself to power-read the book before heading to the theatre.

One For The Money was released a few weeks ago, and although I had read the book just in time for the movie, between moving and work and then unpacking, I haven't had a chance to catch the film.  Was it as funny as the book?

What about you - do you have to read the book version first, or does it matter what comes first?

(Just had to refrain myself from making a tasteless and sarcastic joke over that last phrase, but I'm trying to be an adult.  I will, however, tell you that the joke involved my ex husband.  It's not like many ex-husbands are good for anything other than tasteless jokes, amIright?  And learning experiences, of course, they're good for that.  Like learning not to marry the guy that cheats on you.  Or the guy that doesn't pay attention to you, or whose family hates you, or the guy who comes first. )



  1. I always try to read the book first!

  2. Very nice trailer. Now to find a copy of the book somewhere. New follower.

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