Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Book or Movie? Woman In Black

Which version is best - book or movie?

After reading The Woman In Black by Susan Hill last week (check out the review here), the Semi-BFF and I finally went to see the movie version.  The movie is WAY different than the book.  Same characters, same general idea, but completely different execution of plot.

I found the movie to have more of a scare factor (I may have almost dropped my popcorn once or twice, which would have brought tears to my eyes), but obviously it's a lot easier to jolt someone watching a movie than when reading.  And the ending of the movie got a little .. hokey.

So, the verdict - while the jolts of fear during the movie were welcomed, the story itself was much more chilling on paper.  This one goes to the book version!

Did you see the movie, read the book or both?  What did you think?

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